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Hematology Analyzers That Fit Your Needs and Budget

Modern automated hematology analyzers are designed to provide accurate tests results in quick time and come with a user-friendly software interface. They feature user-friendly operation and offer optimal solutions to meet the changing demands of laboratory environments. As there are a wide variety of models available, it is important to find a hematology analyzer that fits your needs and budget. Here are few tips:

Lab Size and Functions

The size of your laboratory and what you expect in terms of functionality are major factors to consider when buying an analyzer. If your laboratory has space constraints, you might want to consider a benchtop model. For instance, the Abbot Cell Dyn 1800 is a versatile benchtop analyzer with an expanded data management system. It can handle up to 10,000 samples and offers quick and easy access to patient results. In fact, leading brands offer benchtop analyzers that come with most of the features of a large model. Work volume and the type of laboratory are also very crucial factors. There are different types of automated hematology analyzers available to suit the needs of small point-of-care clinics and high throughput clinical laboratories.

Future Proofing

It is important to take the future needs of your laboratory into account. Compare the projected increase of lab operations with the life of the analyzer. Consider how many additional types of tests you may want to include and whether the analyzer can meet this demand. It will be worth your time and money to do some thorough research on all these aspects and compare various models of automated hematology analyzers before selecting one.

Budget and Investment Decision

While considering the question as to how much to invest on the purchase of laboratory equipment, you should also consider the long-term benefits it can provide. A quality automated analyzer, though relatively expensive, can prove more cost-effective in the long run by reducing the labor costs and providing quick and accurate results.

Reliable Laboratory Equipment Suppliers for Purchase

A reliable and reputable lab equipment supplier can help you make a right choice. An established dealer would have an extensive inventory of hematology analyzers from leading brands such as Beckman Coulter, Abbott hematology analyzers, Horiba ABX, Medica, and many more. The right supplier will help you make an informed choice to purchase an analyzer that fits your needs and budget. Besides new, they can also offer quality recertified products to help you address any budgetary concerns that you may have. Also, always purchase your lab instruments from a supplier that can provide timely and efficient maintenance and repair service.

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